Blackrocks – Presque Ale Review

Blackrocks Brewing

Presque Ale

Canned 7/20/16

Imbibed 7/28/16
Named for the ubiquitous Presque Isle Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Presque Ale is a light and refreshing brew that has summer written all over the can.

Opening with a piney, resinous taste, the beer initially raises comparisons to more of a hopped-up American IPA style, but the pine and resin notes wash away quickly to be replaced with a clean yet slightly bitter finish on the palate.

Clocking in at only 5.5% ABV, Presque Ale is made for those vacation days at the park, either camping and taking a nice trip through nature or just sitting by the campfire, Presque is there for you and with its refreshing nature, welcomes you to have another one as well to beat the heat, much like a session IPA style. That’s not to say that Presque Ale has a watered down taste though, hopheads and those looking for a piney pale would find a lot to like about this beer.

Presque Ale is a limited release by Blackrocks Brewing out of Marquette, MI and seeing that Blackrocks has been distributing their beers statewide for a little more than a year, one may have to look around for stores that carry their brand as well as their limited releases. As it just hit the lower peninsula this week, there’s certainly still time to find it but you may want to hurry if you want it, and most importantly to enjoy it as it was meant to be, fresh.

Blackrocks – Presque Ale Review

Beereview #1: Sticky Icky Icky


Sticky Icky Icky
brewed by Short’s in Bellaire, MI
released August 2015

While it’s easy to point out Short’s strongest suit, the hopped-up pale ale or IPA, there’s no denying that they do not mess with success and strongly believe in getting the style completely right every time. Last month’s special release, Sticky Icky Icky was no different, as it’s truly the stickiest of the icky.

Super bitter dank hops highlight this brew from the front-to-back, yet there is a slightly fruity, juicy element to the aftertaste, so as to not completely destroy one’s palate and keeping it as a very drinkable beer. With its 6% ABV, you could easily crush half a six-pack in a night if you’re a dedicated hop-head. However, with it being released last month, this is quickly becoming a ghost in Michigan, so it may not be as easy to find now. Seek it out if you enjoy a bitter IPA.

Beereview #1: Sticky Icky Icky