Ears: Blushing – Tether EP Review [2017]

Tether EP
Released 1/13/2017
self-released (weareblushing.bandcamp.com)


Shortly after the demise of beloved Ann Arbor shoegazers Pity Sex this past fall, it’s great to see more bands pick up the slightly-aggro yet chill ethereal influences of their take on dream-pop, and certainly Austin, TX’s Blushing has graduated at the head of its class on its inaugural EP release on their own dime, through bandcamp.

The first cut on the EP(and title track), Tether fires on all cylinders. Gauzy shimmering guitars from Michelle Soto and Noe Carmona lead into an anthemic earworm of a chorus, describing a rollercoaster of a relationship and it’s dizzying highs brought into such words as, “can we escape forever/growing up fast together/can we erase the past/forgetting it never lasts”. Following that, is a metallic bridge into dreamy goodness to close out the track.

“Why Can’t We?” follows up the raging first track and gives an aesthetic impression of the early years of Lush throughout the early 1990s with lead vocalist and bassist Christina Carmona sharing vocals with guitarist Michelle Soto throughout much of the track.

“Mess”, the third selection on the EP is the lengthiest track on it, but this is far from a negative mark on the song at all as it blisses its way through six minutes at an unexpected blistering pace, where the band really finds a groove within the dreampop gaze and jams its way through the entire track, swimming in such a way that evokes classic 4AD dream-rockers Cocteau Twins.

Closing cut “Protect You” begins with a brooding bassline from Michelle Soto, assisted with pounding drums from Jake Soto and wavy guitars from Soto and Carmona and leads into easily the heaviest shoegaze cut on the album, closing out the bliss of a relationship pictured in the title track, with the lovers in question splitting due to one leaving the other to move long-distance, in this track that echoes Siamese Dream to a point where you’d swear Flood was manning the boards on this release. Ending the EP with the heartbreaking line, “you gave it all just to leave here/I had no choice, but to stay”.

Blushing, not only has made a mark within their local Texas scene with such a great early release that shows only hope for the future of this great group of southern shoegazers keeping Austin weird one day at a time. Here’s hoping this release is only the earliest sign that 2017 will be another great year for music.

You can support the band’s self-released EP by going to their bandcamp page which I’ve linked below, where you can rep their music in your preferable aesthetic: CD, Cassette Tape or MP3. FULL DISCLOSURE: I purchased the cassette and can remark that the packaging on the release is top-notch, with a bubblegum Pink cassette tape and clamshell packaging that echoes a classy book on tape or an old VHS box. I’d recommend the tape based on quality and aesthetic alone, but any choice is certainly good for an EP of this caliber.

RIYL: Pity Sex, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Ride, early Pains of Being Pure at Heart
weareblushing.bandcamp.com – support the band and their music

Ears: Blushing – Tether EP Review [2017]

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